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If you have received an invitation to join, or would like to be considered for membership, please complete and submit the information below along with your statement of dedication to seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There is no official membership fee requirement, members are encouraged to participate in charitable giving to an Alzheimer’s charity through volunteering, charitable sponsorship, or simply by learning more about a local charity to help spread the word.  (Example, members may be requested to bring a friend to a charitable event hosted by that organization, or help spread the word about a volunteer opportunity, or to bring a gift card valued at $20 or more to go to a selected local Alzheimer’s charitable organization, or even an option to give directly to the charity the day of the meeting.  It’s completely optional and never requested on day of the event.  (If requested, members can receive a charitable contribution receipt for their donation from the featured charity the day of the meeting.)